Modularization (Hybrid IC)

Features of custom function modules

Advantages of integrating and packaging specific circuits of electronic equipment are as follows:

  • Downsizing and high-density mounting
  • Optimization of electrical characteristics
  • Reduction of processes for mounting and adjustment
  • Improvement of mounting quality
  • Reduction of processes for parts management
Modules have electronic components mounted on circuit boards in a single package, which includes conventional hybrid ICs. This is a custom product to be made based on the customer's circuit and requirements.

Optimization of electrical characteristics by functional trimming

Trim resistors while monitoring voltage, current, frequency, etc.

  • Contribute to the optimization of characteristics and reduction of adjustment processes
  • Can suppress variations in electrical characteristics


Thick film resistor printing for higher mounting density and downsizing

Forming resistors under electronic components using the thick film printing technology contributes to increase of mounting density and downsizing. (*When using an alumina substrate)


*When using an alumina substrate
(when using a resin substrate, the chip resistor is mounted.)

Process flow (image)

External shape, external terminal (example)

Supports various shapes and external terminals.


Replacement of discontinued IC

By converting the circuit compatible with the discontinued ICs into a custom function module (custom hybrid IC), the replacement can be made without redesigning the motherboard.

Development flow

We support from board wiring design to custom function modules.

Please contact us for the development of this product, as this is a custom product that is manufactured according to your requirements.

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