Corporate History (1940 - 1959)

1940 Mar. Koa Kogyo-sya is established by Kazuto Mukaiyama in Tokyo to manufacture fixed resistors.
1941 Dec. Establishes Ina Factory (at the location of the present registered office) in Ina, Nagano to expand its manufacturing capacity.
1942 Jul. Begins production of capacitors.
1943 Oct. Establishes Nagoya Local Office.
1944 May Gets certified as a Labor-Relations-Adjustment-Act (Article 2) applicable factory.
1946 Apr. Establishes a corporate logo.
1947 May Gets certified as a key factory for telecommunication sector by the Commercial and Industrial Office.
May Becomes a joint-stock corporation. [Capital: 0.8M JPY]
Jun. Establishes Tokyo Office and Nagoya Office.
1948 Sep. Increases the capital. (fully paid-up) [Capital: 1.6M JPY]
1950 Nov. Closes Nagoya Office.
Nov. Establishes Kansai Office in Osaka.
Dec. Changes its name to KOA DENKO Co., Ltd.
1953 Nov. Increases the capital. (fully paid-up) [Capital: 2.6M JPY]
1955 Jun. Becomes a Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) authorized manufacturer.
Jul. Establishes Kanda Sales Office in Tokyo.
1956 Mar. Increases the capital. (fully paid-up) [Capital: 4.8M JPY]
Dec. Receives an award for being an excellent factory by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
1957 Feb. Increases the capital. (fully paid-up) [Capital: 9.6M JPY]
1958 Apr. Establishes Minowa Factory in Minowa-machi, Kamiina-gun, Nagano.
1959 Feb. Establishes Kawasaki Office in Kawasaki-shi.
Jul. Increases the capital. (fully paid-up) [Capital: 19.2M JPY]
Nov. Becomes a NDS XXC6442 (Japan Defense Agency Standard) authorized manufacturer of fixed film resistors.

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