Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy encompasses KOA’s objective and responsibility for quality as well as the company’s dedication to meet customers’ needs and expectations to become the supplier of choice. 

The “craftsmanship” is based on people-to-people interactions.

We are striving for the “craftsmanship” we can confidently say,

“I know when, how, and by whom the product I am crafting now is going to be used, and I know what I should do to satisfy each customer.”

Our objective is to hear our customers saying

“I can use this product without any worries, because this is crafted by that artisan at KOA.”


KOA shall promote KPS activities by all its employees to satisfy customers, under the banner of “each item and each piece be assured by each employee.”


KOA shall provide high-quality products and services and forge a bond of “trust” with its customers.


KOA shall comply with applicable requirements and continuously improve its quality management system.


KOA shall make its internal and external risks and opportunities explicit and set key activities and quality targets for each process.

Each item and each piece shall be assured by each employee.

Each item represents each process (aggregates of each job), each task, each equipment, and each movement.

Each piece represents each discrete product.

We use these phrases of each item and each piece in order to express that we neglect nothing (or we account for every single thing) in pursuing customer satisfaction.