Environmental Policy


How can we live in harmony with mother earth?


KOA was established and grew up in Ina Valley to provide the environment where farmers can live as farmers.
Meanwhile, as we engage in electronic component production, we - as one of living creatures of earth - continuously learn about our association with soil, water and sun to build "trust" with the earth.
With each employee being interested in the circulation of life in the water system that is essential to one's community in responsibly practicing the "Father Sun"
(Environmental Management System), we will preserve the biodiversity of the land of our roots to create a model for circulatory society.


  1. We shall accurately grasp how KOA's development,production,sales activities,product and services affect the environment to establish "Father Sun" (Environmental Management System) and try to continuously improve "Father Sun" as we strive to prevent the environmental pollution.
  2. KOA's environmental activities shall be developed into two:one is the "Father Sun"activity for improving responsiveness to the social environment and the other is the quality assurance activity for improving responsiveness to the product environment.
  3. All employees shall adhere to laws and regulations relevant to KOA's environmental aspects, other requirements (including customer requirements) KOA has agreed to abide by, and voluntary standards, to engage in activities conscious of natural environment based on the Environmental Manual and the Quality Manual.
  4. To take actions consistent with the philosophy of this policy, we shall review each year our environmental improvement activities in pursuit of realizing business affairs in harmony with the environment, in pursuit of realizing the effective use of finite natural resources, in pursuit of realizing products and production processes friendly to the environment, and in pursuit of stopping global warming (energy conservation), in the framework of management objectives and targets.
  5. We shall conduct internal environmental audits and strive to continuously improve "Father Sun" through self-imposed control.
  6. This environmental policy shall be disseminated to all members involved in environmental activities at KOA and all KOA group entities to improve our corporate environmental awareness.

April 01, 2013

Tadao Hanagata

President of KOA Corporation