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How To Use Inductors

Chip Inductors for VCO

The frequency of VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) is controlled with the reverse bias voltage applied to the variable-capacitance diode. KOA's Air-Core Inductor KQ is used for DC bias circuit, making the oscillation stable owing to its small and matched parasitic capacitance.

Usage of Inductors Chip Inductors for VCO

Chip Inductors for TV tuner isolation

TV and tuner built-in devices include more than one high frequency blocks. In case there are digital terrestrial TV tuner and satellite TV tuner in the same place, interference between them may cause trouble. Wire-wound type Chip Inductors are effective in solving this type of problem.
KOA's air core chip inductor KQ type has a merit in mounting.

“Usage of Inductors Chip Inductors for VCO”