New Voltage Divider RK92D series(SIP Type) for High Voltage Circuit up to 4kV


High accuracy detecting of high voltage

KOA has released high voltage divider RK92D.
SIP type voltage dividing resistor with three terminals for high voltage circuit up to 4kV.
Two resistors -high resistance Ra and low resistance Rb - are in one package,
achieving high precision voltage detecting.
Please consult with KOA sales about custom rating products; resistance, voltage dividing ratio, terminal pitch and dimensions.

Application examples:
・High voltage power supplies of analyzing devices and medical equipment, high voltage detecting circuits for smart meters and power monitoring system.

Please refer to PDF catalog.

Product Series Max. 
Resistance Relative Ratio Power Rating T.C.R.(×10-6/K)
R1 R2 R1/R2
Tolerance Ra Rb Absolute Relative
RK92D32C 4kV 750kΩ 6.25kΩ 120 ±0.20%
0.5W  0.2W  ±100
2MΩ 10kΩ 200
13MΩ 26kΩ 500
33MΩ 33kΩ 1000
RK92D Circuit Diagram

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