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For the future, create New Value together with customers.

About Fundamental Technology Fundamental Technology
Sustainability Sustainability

To ensure the "sustainability" of the global environment, there are various undertakings to solve the problems on the nature conservation, rare materials, energy, water, food, etc.

Ubiquitous Ubiquitous

A "ubiquitous" society where all people and matters are reciprocally connected through an omnipresent network enables receiving various on-line services thanks to technologies like high-speed communication network and cloud.

Revitalizing People Revitalizing People

Through "revitalizing people", a society where all people are energetic and living an enriched life can be realized.

Creation of New Value

KOA, for nearly 30 years, has been engaging in business improvement activities under the banner of the KPS (KOA Profit System) with the involvement of all employees. Currently, KOA is in the third phase of KPS to focus on building a business model of offering New Value to its customers by tapping into its product development capabilities made possible by its fundamental technologies to capitalize on innovations transpiring in the future.
KOA, since its foundation over 70 years ago, has accumulated a variety of fundamental technologies for Materials, Processing, Evaluation, etc., in the process of expanding its electronic components business with resistors being its mainstay products. Through deepening further and linking its fundamental technologies and by pursuing Open Innovation with research institutions working on cutting-edge projects and with partner companies, KOA is striving to create New Value together with its customers.

KOA Smart Option

It is our wish that even in new markets that emerge from innovations, choosing KOA as a partner is the “smart option” for our customers.