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Cross Reference(Resistors)

To the shareholders and investors of everyone. we have announced the
delivery and financial and performance infomation of the latest IR materials

2017.05.19Notice of Convocation of the 89th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
2017.05.15New Anti-Pulse Chip Resistor-Ultra Precision Grade, Tolerance±0.5% and T.C.R.±50×10-6/K
2017.04.20Summary of Consolidated Financial Results for the Year Ended March 31,2017
2017.04.10SIP-shaped High Voltage Type Charge/Discharge Resistors suitable for Space Saving Mounting
2017.04.10Small Type Wirewound Resistor With Fusing Function Suitable for Space Saving Mounting
2017.04.10Large Size Thick Film Chip Resistors Strengthen Power Rating
2017.02.17Size 0612 Wide terminal Type Chip Resistor WK73R now offers 1W
2017.02.02Anti-Sulfur, High Precision Chip Resistors RK73G-RT Expands to Smaller Tolerance ±0.25%