Introduction of Thin-Film Platinum Resistance Thermometer Sensors

KOA 's lineup of SDT thin-film platinum resistance thermometer sensors consists of SDT101 series (cylindrical type with axial lead), SDT310VA/A Series(flat radial lead type), SDT73 series (SMD type) and SDT310 series (flat radial lead type: meet with JIS/IEC standard). KOA also offers ST series products that are assembled by incorporating SDT series resistors to a protecting tube. The outlines of each product are given below. The main ratings are shown in Table 1, and the resistance value and temperature characteristics, Figure 1.

Table1.Rating Table of SDT Series

SDT Series Rating Table | KOA

Figure 2. Temperature Resistance Characteristics

Temperature Resistance Characteristics

SDT101 Series

SDT101 series is low in price compared with SDT310 series which are conformed with JIS or IEC standard. KOA has shipped them since 1982. The approximate expression of temperature resistance characteristics has been provided and it can be used for circuit calculation at designing. The element, which is columnar, has no directionality. They perform excellent as wind-velocity sensors or as flow sensors utilizing self-heating (Photo 1).
The SDT101 series are mainly used for the temperature compensation of load cells, wind-velocity sensors utilizing self-heating, the cold junction compensation of thermo-couples, the flow measurement of electronic fuel injector of automotives, and the compensation of each temperature sensor.
New SDT101SA, offering 1kΩ has been addedd to SDT101 series.

Photo 1. SDT101 series

SDT101 Series | KOA

SDT310VA/SDT310A Series

SDT310VA/A series is the world smallest class and mostly designed for heater element of thermal air flow sensors. SDT310VA series is capable of heat generation by self heating up to 600deg C including ambient temperature. The product can be used even by carbonizing the dust attached to itself. AEC-Q200 qualified.
Excellent characteristics in temperature change and vibration resistance.

Photo.2  SDT310VA/ SD310A Series

SDT73H•SDT73V Series

Surface mount type platinum thin film thermal chip sensors, SDT73H and SDT73V, T.C.R. is conformed to JIS or IEC standards.
SDT73V is conformed to AEC-Q200, automotive test standard.
SDT73S is also available as heat resistance up to 250 deg. C by using high temperature solder.

Photo 3. SDT73 Series

SDT310 Series

SDT310 series are small (3.0 x 2.0mm), and can generate resistance value of 1kΩ, with excellent response and linearity. The SDT310LT model among these series, allows external lead wire to be soldered easily. The SDT310MT realizes class B at temperature of 650C degrees, which could be measured only by thermo-couples or high-priced wire wound type. Main applications of SDT310 series are, high-precision measurement of temperature, the cold junction temperature compensation of thermo-couples, the temperature compensation of control boards, and the temperature control of electronic equipment.

Photo 4.  SDT310 Series

ST Series

ST series consists of customized products by e.x. enclosing SDT series resistors into protecting tube, or extending the lead wire or mounting on board. An example of the ST series is shown in Photo 5.

Photo 5. ST series

KOA Corporation will provide you compact, high-precision, and high-temperature products which are available for wide range of the measurement temperature. KOA will expand its product lineups to meet your requirements.