Current Sense Resistors SLP series, T.C.R.±50×10-6/K


Resin mold construction | 2W, low profile(0.635mm)

KOA now released Current Sense Chip Resistors SLP series.
Resistance range is from 10m to 100mΩ and T.C.R. is ±50×10-6/K.
Max. power rating achieves 2W even in low resistance range from 10m to 40mΩ.
Product size is 2010 and 2512 with low profile as 0.635mm. AEC-Q200 qualified.
SLP series is suitable for high precision circuit and downsizing of devices.
Application examples: DC-DC converters, automotive and industrial devices.

Please refer to PDF catalog for more details. Samples are now available.

Product Series Power
Rated Terminal
Part Temp.(°C)
Resistance(Ω) Operating Temp.
D: ±0.5%/ F: ±1.0%
SLP2H 1 110 ±50 10m~100m -65~+170
SLP2HW 2 70 ±50 10m~40m -65~+170
SLP3A 1 110 ±50 10m~100m -65~+170
SLP3AW 2 70 ±50 10m~40m -65~+170

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