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Corporate Motto

Let’s make our workplace more upbeat and pleasant than anywhere else!!

This corporate motto represents the ideal state that the company wants to reach. “Than anywhere else” applies to all workplaces, factories and departments of KOA Group companies, and means all of us must excel over all other companies around the world on whatever we do.    
“More upbeat and pleasant” depicts the state all of us are doing our best to achieve one’s objectives with absolute teamwork solidified by mutual trust, while savoring work satisfaction. As one’s objectives are achieved, the company is benefited in the form of growth, which in turn gives steady lives to all of us   the individuals. 

Management Policy


Trust means not only the trust that exists in the hierarchical relationship between the individuals belonging to the same organization and the bilateral relationship between the individuals belonging to different organizations of KOA Group companies, but also all types of trust such as the trust that exists between the company and customer, which is nurtured through work and goods, and the trust that exists between the company and society, which is nurtured through improved business performance. 

KOA’s Mission

【KOA’s Mission】
While inheriting the will of our forefather, we also listened to the voice of current era, and it became KOA’s corporate mission to establish a strong relationship of mutual trust with each of our “5 Stakeholders”   “Shareholders”, “Customers and Business Partners”, “Community”, “Employees and Their Families”, and the “Mother Earth”   from whom we are receiving a lot of support. KOA is grateful for the opportunity to be associated with our stakeholders, and through engaging with them, we will be learning many things to help us promote corporate activities for the enhancement of value for all “5 Stakeholders”. 

【KOA’s Philosophy (4 Values)】
As the activities of corporations can have worldwide and global consequences of unprecedented magnitude, it is now the obligation of each corporation to promote corporate activities responsibly with precise perception of the times. The 20th Century was the era the human race embraced human-centric concept of “Expansion, Infinite, Conquest, and Convenience”, which resulted in human population explosion. And we felt that the selfishness of the human race had pushed all creatures, including human race itself, to the brink of extinction. In response to the fervent wish of this age, we realized that everything is “finite”, and we have to seek harmony with global environment, to which we owe our existence, and with all creatures living on this planet, by transitioning from seeking expansion to embracing circulation and from pursuing convenience to searching for enrichment while maintaining harmony. KOA has placed “circulation”, “finite”, “harmony” and “enrichment” as the 4 values of corporate management, which are the basis of our operations. 

KOA strives to establish a strong trusting relationship with each of the stakeholders (customers and suppliers, shareholders, employees and their families, the local community, and the environment) who are supporting KOA.

Each employee working for KOA is always grateful to the people who are supporting her/him and treat them with compassion.

To garner the satisfaction of the people providing support, each KOA employee, even if the probability is 1%, will not give up and do one's best to share the joy.

KOA Group Code of Conduct

The “Code of Conduct” is a manifestation of the activities of each one of us for the achievement of KOA Group’s mission - “Establishment of the bond of trust with 5 stakeholders”.


      1.We shall listen to the voice of customers, engage in transparent and fair business transactions, 
         and act by seeing things from customer’s standpoint.

      2. In pursuit of reassurance, satisfaction and expectations of customers, we shall commit to serving
         them with high-quality products and services.


       1. Always in pursuit of enhancing the corporate value, we shall act responsibly. 

       2. We shall always maintain the accuracy of corporate information, and disclose the information
           appropriately and timely. 


       1. We shall respect the individuality and human rights of each other.

       2. The company will consider providing employees with opportunities to fulfill their responsibilities
           to care for their families.


        1. We shall adhere to legal and statutory requirements and act while maintaining high morale.

        2. We shall cherish the association with our community, and play a part in its prosperity.

Mother Earth

        1. Recognizing that the life forms, substances and energy sources were created over mind-boggling
            years by the mother earth, we shall engage in circulatory activities of suppressing the discharge
            of wastes to a minimum. 

        2. Recognizing that we are also a part of ecosystem, we shall engage in activities to coexist with
            the other members of the ecosystem.   

KOA Group Action Guideline

1. General Rule

     The “Action Guideline” lists the objectives of the code of conduct as the standard for specific
    activities. Our day-to-day activities shall comply with the Action Guideline. 

   1) Scope
       This regulation is applicable to all people working at KOAG companies, regardless of if they
      are the employees of KOA G companies or not. 

   2) Adherence to statutory and social guidelines and corporate regulations
        In addition to adhering to statutory and corporate regulations, we shall respect the social
       guidelines and engage in sensible activities.

      (1) We shall adhere to the statues of Japan and overseas. 
      (2) We shall adhere to corporate regulations.
      (3) We shall sufficiently understand the corporate ethics to which the company is expected
          to abide by, and act responsibly with common sense as full-fledged members of society.

2. Relationships with customers, business partners and competitors

   1) Voice of customers (VOC)
       We shall maintain the posture of faithfully listening to the VOC, and utilize the VOC in our
      business operations.

    2) Product quality
        We shall manufacture and sell high-quality products that are optimum for our customers. 
        We shall aggressively promote our Quality Management System, and maintain high quality
       to not to let our customers down. 

     3) Product safety
        We shall fully understand the laws and safety regulations related to product safety, and
       we shall not just adhere to them, but we shall also strive to achieve even higher safety

     4) Compliance to antitrust law
         Under any circumstances, we shall never engage in activities in violation of antitrust law,
        such as cartel, bid-rigging, price-fixing, abuse of dominant bargaining position, etc. that we
        shall abide by fair and free competition ethics. 

     5) Fair transactions with suppliers
         In the selection of suppliers, we shall give them fair business opportunities, and select the
       suppliers fairly, and offer them contract terms that are in full compliance with the laws
       governing subcontracting. 

     6) Trade secrets
         Under any circumstances, we shall never illegally acquire and use the trade secrets of other

     7) Business entertainment and gift-giving
         In accordance with company regulations, we shall not accept business entertainment and
       gifts that are judged to be more than moderate, and in dealing with civil-service employees
       or with those people of equivalent status, we shall abide by laws and legal restrictions of the
       countries where we do business. 

     8) Appropriate advertising
         In our advertising activities, we shall never use libelous expressions against other companies
        or use the words and terms that can be considered discriminatory against others.

     9) Accurate information disclosure
         We shall supply customers with accurate high value-added product-related information.

   10) Import/Export Control
         In the import and export, we shall abide by relevant laws and regulations of the countries
       where we do business, related to import/export of weapons and pertinent technologies. 

3. Relationships with shareholders and investors

     1) Disclosure of corporate information 
         We shall disclose our financial and business information to our shareholders, investors, etc
       appropriately and timely.

     2) Prohibition of insider trading and leaking of confidential information to third parties
         We shall not engage in insider trading by taking advantage of the information obtained at

4. Relationship with employees

     1) Respecting human rights and forbidding discrimination
         We shall respect the fundamental human rights, and shall not engage in the acts of
        discrimination or bullying. 

     2) Sexual harassment
         We shall not make sexually offensive remarks or act in a manner that may give discomfort.

     3) Abusive use of power
         We shall not take advantage of authority or position to bully others, in violation of human
        rights and human dignity. 

     4) Protection of privacy
         We shall use the private information of people inside and outside of the company only for
       business purposes, and handle the information with care to prevent leakage. 

     5) Worker safety and health
         We shall adhere to laws and regulations governing worker safety and health, and engage
        in thorough worker safety and health management activities to prevent work related accidents. 

     6) Compliance to labor-relations related laws
         Supervisors shall abide by laws related to labor relations, and always pay attention to
        subordinates’ health conditions, and never impose excessive work on them, and strive to
        maintain healthy working environment.

5. Relationships with company and company’s assets 

     1) Appropriate accounting process
         We shall abide by relevant laws and company regulations in making entries to accounting
        books and vouchers. We shall never make fallacious or fictitious entries, and we shall never
        create off-the-book assets or liabilities.

     2) Prohibition of conflict of interest
         We shall never engage in activities, which are intended to cause the conflict of interest with
        the company.

     3) Management of trade secrets
         We shall manage trade secrets appropriately, and shall not display or leak them without a
        permission of the company.

     4) Appropriate use of company’s assets 
         We shall efficiently use the assets of the company, and handle them appropriately to prevent
        damage, theft, etc. We shall not use the assets or funds of the company for personal pleasure. 

     5) Appropriate use of information system
         We shall use company’s Information System (e.g. PC, network, etc.) only for business purposes,
        and strictly manage the IDs and passwords to protect them from leakage.

     6) Protection of intellectual properties
         We shall appropriately use our intellectual property rights, which are the assets of the company,
       and dedicate ourselves to the protection of these rights.
        Also, we shall use the intellectual property rights of other companies only after agreeing on
       appropriate contracts, to prevent ourselves from infringing on the intellectual property rights of
       other companies.

6. Relationship with community 

     1) Contribution to society
         To strengthen the bond of trust with community, we shall regard communication valuable, and
        engage in social contribution activities suitable to the community we serve. 

     2) Relationships with government and public administration
         We shall never get involved in bribery, patronage and other illegal political donation, and shall
        strive to maintain healthy and transparent relationships with political organizations and
        administrative agencies. 

     3) Severing ties with antisocial forces
         We shall not support the activities of any antisocial forces and organizations.

     4) Environmental conservation and protection
         We shall constantly ponder over what we can do to live in harmony with mother earth, and shall
        accurately assess the impact of our R&D, production, sales activities as well as products and
        services on the environment. And we shall act in a manner conscious of natural environment by
        pursing for operations in harmony with the environment, by effectively using the finite natural
        resources, by introducing products, production processes with less environmental burden, and by
        introducing global warming prevention measures, for the goal of realizing the creation of a model
        for cyclical society. 

Basic Information Security Policy

KOA Corporation and its affiliates shall take information security as the most critical subject of management and business operation, and every officer and employee shall act with consciousness of individual responsibility and act as an interested party.

Based on the above precondition, the present policy sets the aim to enhance the relationship of trust with customers, business partners, shareholders, employees and their families, community, and earth, so as to pursue activities for securing confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.

1. Statutory compliance

    We shall comply with applicable statutes, policies and internal regulations.

2. Continual Improvement
    We shall continually improve and enhance information security in accordance
   with environmental changes.

3. Protection of Information Assets
    We shall specify procedures related to information security based on the degree
   of  importance and risk levels to ensure security and appropriate control.

4. Education and Training
    We shall conduct continual education and offer training programs for all personnel
   involved in information assets, in order to raise the awareness of such assets and
   to enforce the adherence to established information security regulations.

5. Prevention of and Response to Security Accident
    We shall work for the prevention of information security accident, and take
   appropriate measures including introduction of recurrence prevention program as
   quickly as possible should an accident arise.