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Privacy Policy

1. When receiving personal information

We do not use the personal information received from our customers in ways other than agreed upon.

2. When furnishing the personal information to third parties

We will not provide any third party with customer's personal information unless we obtain customer's prior consent and in ways other than set forth in the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan. Also, even with the consent of the customer, when providing personal information to a third party, we will work out an agreement with this third party to ensure the protection of personal information.

3. Security measures to safeguard personal information

We will establish a management system for the protection of personal information customers furnished to us from loss, destruction, leakage, manipulation, unauthorized access, and unauthorized use beyond the scope of the purpose the use, and maintain appropriate safeguards in accordance with company regulations.

4. Inquiries from customers with regards to the handling of personal information

Upon receiving a request of the following nature from a customer with regards to customer's personal information we are managing, we will take necessary actions to the extent practical by respecting customer's wishes:
  • Verification of personal information we have
  • Correction, updating and deletion of personal information
  • Withdrawal of the entire or parts of the agreement with regards to the use of personal information granted to us
Please contact the General Affairs Center (phone number 81-265-70-7171) of KOA Corporation for inquiries pertaining to the handling of personal information.

5. The use of cookies, web beacons and IP addresses

The website operated by KOA Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “our website”) may use cookies (note 1), web beacons (note 2) and IP addresses (note 3).

The purposes of the use of these objects are as follows:

1) To transmit a notice to web visitors from our website or e-mail address

2) To utilize browsing history of web visitors and their response to a questionnaire to provide better service to  those who have registered personal information

3) To create statistics on the use of our website

4) To determine the cause when our website experiences a system failure


 Website visitors can reject our website the use of cookies and web beacons by denying the use of cookies in browser setup.

 Rejecting the use of cookies prevents us from fully realizing afore-mentioned purposes. And there may be restrictions thatyou may not be able to use some of the functions of our website.


Note 1:

A cookie is a small amount of data sent by a website’s server and retained by user’s device to allow the user more efficient use of website from the next access by storing a part of the website’s data in the browser.

Note 2:

A web beacon is a technology, which utilizes cookies, etc. to take statistical data, such as date and time of access to a website.

Note 3:

An IP address is a unique number for identifying a computer on the network.

6. The use of access log analysis tools to improve service

We may collect statistical information on the use of our website with access log analysis tools for the purpose of providing better service to those visiting KOA Corporation’s website. Access log analysis tools utilize cookies to collect information on the access to our website.