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KOA’s Philosophy

Spirit of Founding Father

 KOA is founded by a young man from farming community who was dedicated to bringing stable livelihood to the people struggling to make ends meet in collapsing farming community and improving rural infrastructure. Since then, to fulfill our founder’s dream of “Bring Sunshine to Ina Valley”, we have been executing strategies to strive for the vision of “Farming and Manufacturing in One”. Creating an environment where farmers can live as farmers was the wish of the people in this community at the time the company was founded.

KOA’s Mission

 While inheriting the will of our forefather, we also listened to the voice of current era, and it became KOA’s corporate mission to establish a strong relationship of mutual trust with each of our “5 Stakeholders” – “Shareholders”, “Customers and Business Partners”, “Community”, “Employees and Their Families”, and the “Mother Earth” – from whom we are receiving a lot of support. KOA is grateful for the opportunity to be associated with our stakeholders, and through engaging with them, we will be learning many things to help us promote corporate activities for the enhancement of value for all “5 Stakeholders”.

KOA’s Philosophy (4 Values)

 As the activities of corporations can have worldwide and global consequences of unprecedented magnitude, it is now the obligation of each corporation to promote corporate activities responsibly with precise perception of the times. The 20th Century was the era the human race embraced human-centric concept of “Expansion, Infinite, Conquest, and Convenience”, which resulted in human population explosion. And we felt that the selfishness of the human race had pushed all creatures, including human race itself, to the brink of extinction. In response to the fervent wish of this age, we realized that everything is “finite”, and we have to seek harmony with global environment, to which we owe our existence, and with all creatures living on this planet, by transitioning from seeking expansion to embracing circulation and from pursuing convenience to searching for enrichment while maintaining harmony. KOA has placed “circulation”, “finite”, “harmony” and “enrichment” as the 4 values of corporate management, which are the basis of our operations.